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Redefine your perception of art

Main event on April 24, 2022

Portland’s place for independent art

Oranj Studio is an artist's collective, exhibit space and salon located in Portland's south waterfront district
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Enhancing the exhibit experience

This exhibit will feature works which add digital elements to the screen of your smartphone and blend in seamlessly with what you see around you
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Artists for a better future

Proudly partnered with ArtZero, an organization empowering artists to implement sustainable practices around climate change

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The Venue

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Profile image of Jim Riswold

Jim Riswold

Once upon a time, Jim Riswold was a poorly behaved creative director and partner at advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy. These days he is a fake artist living in Oregon’s Portland with nobody and has conned Augen Gallery to represent him. He has yet to contract typhus.  You will not like him.
Profile image of Heather

Heather Dunaway Smith

An Adobe Aero artist-in-residence,  Heather's background in theater informs her narrative approach to augmented reality.  Heather's career spans projects from interactive games to virtual worlds.
Profile image of Sara Swoboda

Sara Swoboda

For thirteen years, Sara has maintained a daily art practice called the Continuous Drawing Project. Working from her studio in Portland, Oregon, Sara's work is a process of observing the unconscious mind while documenting larger social and global events in real time.
Profile image of Eric Dayton

Eric Dayton

As a lifelong artist, entrepreneur, and gallery owner, Eric's approach to visual storytelling transcends medium. His deep connection to his work takes the form of surreal landscapes, introspective figurative works, and now digital pieces made specifically for AR.

I’m excited about augmented reality because unlike virtual reality, which closes the world out, AR allows individuals to be present in the world but hopefully allows an improvement on what’s happening presently.

Tim Cook


Now, imagine if your artwork could express not only the singularity — the captured moment of the human condition, but the entire journey. With Augmented Reality, your canvas has the power to become a story.


Next we’re looking at how do we make that even more immersive, and how do we allow more people to have a shared experience together in a public space.

John Hanke


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